Vertically Gifted

Lighting for a mockumentary short film about suddenly getting taller and the meaning of family, shot in spring 2022.

Mathonwyn Wilson
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Vertically Gifted
This project was filmed on location on the second story of a home outside Phoenix, significantly limiting how much artificial light could be added. Thankfully, in a mockumentary, the lighting goal is to be invisible anyway, so the main task was controlling and accentuating what was already there. In the kitchen scene, this meant a lot of overhead rigging to bring in warm tungsten light.
This scene highlights the "color conflict" the DP and I arrived on. Harold and his strict ways are illuminated in colder daylight light, while the daughters' and mother are lit in tungsten. The visual conflict reinforces the written conflict.

Color not final. Screenshots represent nearly raw footage.

Directed by Mathonwyn Wilson
Produced by Chloe Rudolph
Cinematography by Tessa Allie
Edited by Denver Humphries

Project is not publicly released yet.

Vertically Gifted
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