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About  me

I'm Elias Hardt, a gaffer, colorist, and videographer from Anchorage, Alaska and currently living in Los Angeles, California. My journey through film started in elementary school, making stop motion Lego films with self-recorded sound effects ("Pow!"). Fast-forward 13 years and I've graduated from ASU with an honors degree in Environmental Design and extensive experience in film through my work with Maroon and Gold Entertainment, ASU's first student film production club, student productions, and professional projects.

I'm inspired by puzzle box films like Everything Everywhere All at Once, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Come True – films that dance with the elements of film to create stories that couldn't be told any other way. If I'm not on set, you can find me on top of something tall, making 3D art, or composing music as Skylight Syndrome. Or maybe all three at the same time. I love to do, see, and create innovative things with film, and if you're reading this, you probably do too. Let's get in touch.


Sender One Climbing - Videographer & Graphic Designer
Barrett, The Honors College - Videographer & Primary Editor
ATHENA International - Videographer & Editor (Freelance)
Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy - Marketing Coordinator

Awards & Recognitions

Maroon and Gold Entertainment - Vice President
Lux Undergraduate Creative Review - Best in Art
ASU Dean's List

They trust me

Spaces of opportunity - ATHENA International - RockDust & Magic
Arizona State University - Alaska USA Federal Credit Union

Let's  get in touch