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Latest Projects

Glasyé - Country Cat Music Video

Lighting for an Alaskan pop artist's music video, shot in fall 2022.

Vertically Gifted

Lighting for a mockumentary short film about suddenly getting taller and the meaning of family, shot in spring 2022.


Lighting for a psychedelic horror short film about death and acceptance, shot in spring of 2022.

Pomegranate Poison

Lighting for a modern-day story about Persephone, Queen of the Greek Underworld, shot in winter 2021.

What I do



With three years of experience in film lighting, I have honed my skills in setting up and operating lighting equipment to achieve the desired visual mood and atmosphere for every scene and scenario. I'm knowledgeable in the use of various types of lighting fixtures, as well as in rigging, setup, planning, and – of course – breakdown. I collaborate effectively to ensure the lighting design aligns with the creative vision of the project.



I have extensive experience in enhancing short films and corporate videos' storytelling through meticulous color grading. With a keen eye and a deep understanding of the emotional impact of color, I consistently deliver visually striking and impactful results that elevate the final product on any platform.



I have over four years of expertise in of videography, with a diverse background in corporate and short film production, bringing a unique perspective to every project. Whether it's capturing the essence of a brand in a corporate video or weaving a compelling narrative in a short film, I've honed my craft to deliver exactly what you want – or better.

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Spaces of opportunity - ATHENA International - RockDust & Magic
Arizona State University - Alaska USA Federal Credit Union

About me

I'm Elias Hardt, a gaffer and colorist (and a few other things) originally from Anchorage, Alaska, where I built a passion for visual storytelling. During my time at Arizona State University, I found lighting and stumbled into a pretty big question: "How can lighting be a cornerstone of cinematography's storytelling?" The answer: how could it not be?

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