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I'm in the process of moving my portfolio site to Wordpress. If you're seeing this message, it means that isn't done quite yet. The content on here is still current, but you may see some odd text styles and responsive design interactions. It'll be better soon!

Latest Projects

Vertically Gifted

Lighting for a mockumentary short film about suddenly getting taller and the meaning of family, shot in spring 2022.


Lighting for a psychedelic horror short film about death and acceptance, shot in spring of 2022.

Pomegranate Poison

Lighting for a modern-day story about Persephone, Queen of the Greek Underworld, shot in winter 2021.

La Solución Cuesta

Key grip on a short film about a man descending into darkness in order to help his mother, shot in winter 2021.

What I do



I've worked on sets of all scales, genres, and types with all kinds of setups. If your project needs light, reach out to give it the best light possible.



Every video and film needs color grading -- that's why I've spent the hours to learn how to sculpt colors to fit a project on every platform.



Filming, editing, delivering, and everything in between.


Art Direction

Visual storytelling that takes everything it touches to the next level.

They trust me

Spaces of opportunity - ATHENA International - RockDust & Magic
Arizona State University - Barrett, The Honors College

About me

I'm Elias Hardt, a gaffer and colorist (and a few other things) originally from Anchorage, Alaska, where I found a passion for visual storytelling. During my time at Arizona State University, I found lighting and asked, "How can lighting be a cornerstone of cinematography's storytelling?" The answer: how could it not be?

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